What we offer

the company was based on production for international fashion brands. in the last few years it has been able to satisfy the supply of italian and international brands with specialized products of high quality.

Management of yarns and samples

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Production and finishing by hand

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Washing, ironing and packaging

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Maglificio De Mori is an example of success of made in italy, with well known clients all over the world.

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we have a lab with electronic machines for weaving (protti, stoll, shima) and
computerized cotton frames, managed by qualified personnel.
we do knitwear manufacturing with lacing machines at all finesses, sergers, machine with three
needles, buttonholes, buttonholers.
ironing machines, washing machines and fulling machines for each type of yarns.


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Fabric that speaks

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The story of success

beside an activity there is a story

Giuseppina De Mori was born in veneto, and when she was 15 she was already working at a
spinning machine in valdobbiadene. her knowledge of the raw material was enriched by the
experience of manufacturing: at the beginning she worked in a hat factory in lodi, then as a tailor
in switzerland. her return to italy coincided with the purchase of the first knitting machine,
followed by the inauguration of the knitwear factory in sovere, a territory where work ethics,
simplicity and frankness of human relationships were important in the growth of the company.
from sovere, near lake iseo, the knitwear factory moved to songavazzo, a small town in the north
of the clusone valley. and it is here that it has reached an international dimension, and
established relationships with designers and fashion houses all around the world. but that is
another story, that of today.


mirella’s youth passed among boxes of coloured spools used to make doll’s houses;

Soft pieces of knitwear to caress and use as cushions and covers;
designers’ sketches to colour with children’s crayons .

Thus the love for knitwear and beautiful things becomes part of us and accompanies us forever.



The knitwear company has always given special attention to the training of personnel, all specialized and supported by local artisans.
All elements that have always been part of the De Mori DNA.